[Podcast] Team Sejong Lesson Recap – October 23, 2013


Team Sejong

Vocabulary Words – Wednesday, October 23, 2013


결정하다 – to decide

오늘 결정할거야? – Will you decide today?

경우 – an occasion, case, circumstance or situation

어떤 경우가 있어요? – What is the situation?

생각 – thought

명심하다 – to keep in mind

결심 –  to set your mind; to resolve to do something

결과 – result; outcome

결과가 좋아요.  I like the result.

결론 – conclusion

결혼 – marriage

결혼식 – marriage ceremony

결말 – the ending of the story (or drama, movie…)

긴가민가해요 – Is it this or that?

헷갈리다 – confused

기가막혀 – “I’m speechless” “It’s so shocking (stupid).” Negative connotations

부정적 – negative

긍정적 – positive

편 – side

전반적으로 – generally

흘리다 – to spill

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