Event Recap: Korean American Coalition, San Diego’s Mentorship Night @ SDSU Summary by Caren Chan

On October 21st, Korean American Coalition, San Diego and SDSU’s Korean Student Association hosted the second annual Mentorship Night. With a room full of SDSU students and some recent graduates, seven mentors were in attendance to share their professional experience and insights in their expertise. Before the mentors spoke, both the students and mentors had the chance to mingle and eat pizza outside the classroom. Then back in the classroom, each mentor spoke about their profession and how they got to where they are today. Overall, the event ran smoothly and the students seemed to enjoy the advice given by then mentors. The students also liked that there was a variety of professions. As an Events Coordinator of KSA, I personally felt inspired after receiving the advice offered by the mentors.

A few KSA board members discussed possible ways to improve Mentorship Night for next year. The timing of the event worked for most students, but the location of the event might have been a problem. The location could have been difficult for students to find and it was not convenient as it did not allow us to have food inside the classroom. It would be more preferable for Mentorship Night to have been held in the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union. However, to reserve any room on campus, paperwork NEEDS to be submitted 3 weeks in advance of the event. With a room in the Student Union, it would be easier for both students and mentors to find the location of the event. Overall, Mentorship Night was a success though!

KAC Involvement Response:

1) SDSU students can benefit from an organization like KAC. KAC can provide opportunities for students to learn about and connect with others who are interested the Korean culture. Many students in KSA are looking forward for more chances to be involved and I believe KAC will be able to assist in that.

2) I personally want to raise awareness and bring more opportunities for students at SDSU to learn more about the Korean culture. Through different activities whether they be volunteering or attending events, I want to encourage students to take part in the community and enjoy themselves. Also, I would like to be able to help international students learn more about the American culture and help them adjust to life here in the time that they are staying.

Thank you to the mentors that participated:
Lauren Hong Entrepreneur : Out and About Communications
Ray Im Finance / International Business: PWC
Michael Jacobs Entrepreneur : Enlightea / Financial Planning
Tom Pak Finance : UBS
James Pham Entrepreneur : Enlightea
Jini Shim Social Services
Charles Shin Real Estate Commercial / Residential Real Estate

Inquiries? email KAC: sandiegoKAC [at] gmail.com

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