Aug-Sept: Upcoming events in the local Korean community

Here are a few upcoming events in the local Korean community: 8-9월 샌디에이고 한인 커뮤니티에서 열리는 여러 행사입니다:

1) Mon, Aug 15, 10am: Korean American Liberation Day event (an annual commemorative celebration of Korea’s independence from Japanese colonial rule) @ Korean United Methodist Church of San Diego (Address: 6701 Convoy Ct. San Diego, 92111) Hosted by San Diego Korean American Association and San Diego Korean American Senior Association. Agenda includes a performance by a Korean traditional music group led by Mr. In-tae Kim (청사초롱 국악단, 단장 김인태)

2) Aug 16-20: Chosin Few National Reunion, (main venue in the Mission Valley area) a US Marine Korean War Veterans’ event. About 160 Korean war veterans from all around the US who were a part of the battle at the Chosin Reservoir will be attending. I personally will be attending to record the veterans’ oral histories as a part of KWVDM. Anyone interested in helping out with the interviews? Let me know!
3) Sat, Sep 10, 5pm: Korean American Traditional Dance and Music Festival by the Korean American Association (the more 1st generation Korean community organization) @ Church of Jesus Christ LDS (11023 Pegasus Ave, San Diego, CA 92126), 5pm
4) Sun, Sep 11, 2pm: Korean Thanksgiving Celebration @ Zion Market (7655 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92111)
5) Sat, Sep 17, 2-3pm: House of Korea lawn event @ Balboa Park – cultural performances, Korean food booth, and more, to fundraise for House of Korea to build a “Korea cottage” as a part of the Balboa Park’s International cottages.
Exact Location: East side Lawn of Hall of Nation building
(Use 2306 Pan American Rd. W., San Diego, CA 92101 for GPS direction) 

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