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[BIBIMBEATS] July 2013: K-Indie Women to Watch

This month, Bibimbeats makes guys take the backseat and honors female artists making waves in the music scene. They’re lady lyricists, R&B hooks on our favorite rap songs, and fluid poetry in the ballads the K-Indie genre is known for. Whether they’re up-and-coming or well-established, these girls pack a musical punch. Here are a few women we predict great things from in the next coming months.

As the first female singer to debut from male-dominated hip-hop label Brand New Music, Kang Min-hee’s voice breaks the mold. Musically precocious, a majority of her pre-debut years were spent producing and composing songs, most notably Miss $’s 2009 album S Class. Three years later, she joined the group herself, and a slew of hits – both solo and with Miss $ – followed suit. Her feature on Verbal Jint’s single “Good Start” produced an ‘all-kill’ on music charts and had netizens putting her range and delivery in the same bracket as fellow rookie power vocal Ailee. In fact, when Verbal needs a suitable replacement for live performances of his Ailee duet “If It Ain’t Love”, it’s often Min-hee joining him on stage.

Bibimbeats Recommends: “It’s You”

In her declarative debut “I’m Her” featuring Zion T, KittiB announces her arrival with confidence unseen since underground flow queen Rimi. Her no-nonsense attitude paired with her trademark high heels and cat-eyed makeup makes her a live stage hit, landing her on festival line-ups alongside fellow maestros like Giriboy and Beenzino. Collaborating with Donutman on his Rappin Time 2 mixtape, KittiB has proved she can hold her own as a lady MC. After releasing follow-up single “Leopard Heels” this March, her first EP is rumored to be in the works and set for distribution later this year. Until then, fans can check out self-released songs on her official SoundCloud website, where she samples tracks by anyone from Rihanna to Amy Winehouse.

Bibimbeats Recommends: “I’m Her” with Zion T

Im Yu-jin’s career began as keyboardist for indie act, Black Skirts. It wasn’t until she picked up moniker ‘Neon Bunny’ and released her debut Seoulight that the nation took notice, even beating out popular artists IU and 10CM for Best Pop Album in the 2012 Korean Music Awards. From ethereal ballads to synth heavy dance music, her sound can best be described as a nod to the ever-popular French electro-pop scene with a Hongdae club twist. Together with Black Skirts’ Holiday Cho, she heads Doggyrich Collective, a label for both visual and performing artists. Fun Fact: Before Neon Bunny, Yu-jin was just another student at Boston’s Berklee College of Music, where she studied voice alongside future K-Pop icon, 2NE1’s Park Bom.

Bibimbeats Recommends: “Come With Me”

Fans of Urban Zakapa know there is nobody who sings R&B like songstress, Jo Hyun-ah. Since their debut in 2009, Urban Zakapa has created their own niche in the K-Indie scene. But it’s in collaborations and solo efforts where Hyun-ah’s talent seems to really shine, her velvety vocals quickly vacillating between sentimental balladeer and engaging accompaniment. Having worked with some of Korea’s greatest hip-hop artists, her impressive range rings out like a soulful battle cry, adding a new layer of emotion to even the most aggressive track. Lately, Hyun-ah has also been garnering increasing attention for her work as a composer, attracting critics with the slow yet climactic “Sea Child” on ballad singer Younha’s latest album.

Bibimbeats Recommends: “You Made Me” with Kim Jin-pyo

Last but not least, there’s the only woman mentioned who can name legendary producer Quincy Jones as a fan – Yoon Mi-rae, known to many by stage name Tasha. Joined with husband Tiger JK, she is one half of the coolest couple the Korean music scene has to offer. So far in 2013, Mi-rae and Tiger JK, along with fellow MC Bizzy, have been performing all over the world as hip-hop unit MFBTY (My Fans Better Than Yours). Having started her career in 2001 as more of an R&B singer, her rap image has been a slow and steady evolution, though many cite Mi-rae as one of the strongest female lyricists around. With rumors of a new solo album coming out soon, it will be interesting to see her continue to twist and mold the future of Korean music.

Bibimbeats Recommends: “BizzyTigerYoonmirae” with MFBTY

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[BIBIMBEATS] June 2013: The Rap Heavyweights of K-Pop

Think K-Pop is just flashy clothes and cool choreography?  Think again.  Beneath all those layers of BB cream lie quite an intimidating pool of talent.  In fact, the genre is home to some of the most versatile rappers the country has to offer.  Evident recently in PSY’s booming popularity, K-Pop rappers are a force to be reckoned with.  Here are a few that Bibimbeats ensures can make the most skeptical hip-hop fans nod their head.

First we’ve got maknae-leader duo Bang Yong-guk and Zelo of B.A.P.  The group has seen increasing success since debuting earlier last year, from selling out international venues to earning Best New Artist recognition from four separate award shows in 2012.  Some critics attribute their early success to Yong-guk’s solo collaborations and Bang & Zelo’s sub-unit work prior to B.A.P’s debut.  But then again, maybe it was Zelo’s killer 16-syllable-per-second rap in smash single “Warrior”.  Either way, it’s safe to say Bang & Zelo are only getting started.

Bibimbeats Recommends: “Rain Sound”

As a member of a group that’s seven strong, it’s probably easy for a guy to get lost in a band like INFINITE.  But with debut album “Fly High” released this January, rappers Dong-woo and Hoya of sub-unit INFINITE-H were able to do so effortlessly – and with some pretty well-respected back-up.  Enlisting veteran hip-hop producer Primary and the talent roster of Dynamic Duo’s Amoeba Culture brought the album an ‘old school’ feel.  Title track “Special Girl” enjoyed public praise from idols and rappers alike, and “Fly High” even bumped national darlings SNSD’s comeback off the top on charts across the board.  (Whoops! Sorry, girls!)

Bibimbeats Recommends: “I Can’t Tell You” with Gaeko of Dynamic Duo

Next up we’ve got the only idol to make it as one of CNN’s “50 Reasons Why Seoul is the Best City” – BIGBANG leader G-Dragon.  GD’s no newbie, beginning his rap career when he was just 13 years old.  Citing Wu-Tang Clan as a major influence, his love for hip-hop doesn’t stop there – his vibrant, ‘fashion forward’ music videos being something of a reinterpreted nod to that of mid-90s Hype Williams.  Last month, his second solo album “One of a Kind” reached platinum status in South Korea, selling over 225,000 copies and breaking a record that – and here’s the kicker – he previously set with his 2009 solo debut “Heartbreaker”.

Bibimbeats Recommends: “A Boy”

Maybe he doesn’t have a string of solo album successes, but B2ST’s Jun-hyung is easily one an idol rapper to watch.  His determination as a lyricist has taken him to a holding his own in collaborations with esteemed rappers like Beenzino, Verbal Jint, and Outsider.  Fans can currently check him out in production duo Brave Brothers’ project Absurd with fellow idols LE of EXID and FeelDog of BIGSTAR.  With a 19+ language rating, Absurd’s “You Got Some Nerve” definitely breaks him away from the squeaky clean B2ST image.  It will be interesting to watch Jun-hyung continue to evolve.

Bibimbeats Recommends: “Be Quiet” with Kim Wan-sun

When someone’s a protégé of one of the genre’s greatest, they’ve got to have something going for them – especially when it comes to Cho PD-trained Block B leader Zico.  While Block B and their record label are currently in quite the legal battle, Zico remains a top rapper, evident in both his 2012 mixtape ‘Zico on the Block 1.5’ and pre-debut work with bandmate Kyung.  Zico fans can check out rookie group OFFROAD’s comeback “Head Banging”, a summer anthem he both composed and produced.

Bibimbeats Recommends: “Feel So Young” with Ugly Duck & Crush

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The June issue of Korea Daily is out!

The June issue of 샌디에이고 (San Diego) magazine is now available and you can get a free copy at your favorite Korean markets~

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The Anatomy of a Dragon Boat Team


The Anatomy of a Dragon Boat Team- Fateh K.

A calm and temperate Saturday Morning, light wind, the water at Mission Bay glistening a steel blue, and hundreds of warriors armed with paddles preparing for aquatic battle in one of the world’s oldest sports tradition, the Dragon Boat Race.  After a moment of peace, the sound of the primordial yells of the racers resonated in the air, each cry synchronized with the thundering drums leading them followed by a powerful whooshing noise as the racers propelled the boat while vying for position, such an exhilarating experience. And I was only a spectator

On May 4th, the atmosphere was electric as teams representing various local schools, companies and cultural organizations convened on Playa Pacifica at Mission Bay for the 9th Annual Dragon Boat Festival.

I was so astounded by the display of team spirit, grit, camaraderie, and athletic acumen showed by the competitors, that I felt obligated to interview one of the racers to get an understanding about what it takes to be a part of a Dragon Boat Team.  This Is my interview with Mr. Tenshing Honda, Captain of the  San Diego Chinese Historical Museum Musing Dragons.

1. Team Name (Nick Name)?

Musing Dragons

2. What Group Is Your Team Representing?

San Diego Chinese Historical Museum

3. What Inspired Your Team Name?

Not quite sure. I’m a graduate student at UCSD who was asked to coach the team.

4. Why Did You and Your Group Decide to Join the Dragon Boat Race?

I’ve paddled for 6 years (high school and undergraduate at UCLA) so I’m extremely passionate about the sport. A classmate at UCSD in the School of International Relations and Pacific Studies told me about the Musing Dragons and jumped at the offer to paddle. The San Diego Chinese Historical Museum is an important donor to our China Focus club and so to show our thanks we try to fill up boats for the Musing Dragons.

5. How Does a Team Prepare for a Dragon Boat Race (i.e. breakfast, group exercises, superstitions, pep-rally)?

Since our team had never practiced or raced on the water before, I had our team do simulation drills. I broke down the race to starts, powers, and finishes. I taught basic strokes and form to each individual paddler. As for “team spirit”, we definitely had fun with it. I had our team re-use an old high school chant I had: “who are we? _____. What do we do? Stroke it. How do we stroke it? Longer, harder, faster, all night long”. Also, coming off the boats, I had our team form tunnels to congratulate everyone on their effort. Everyone seemed to enjoy our team spirit.

6. What Attributes Must a Team Possess to Win a Race?

Timing, focus, energy, and cohesion. When all four come together your boat glides and there’s nothing like that feeling in the world.

7. What Makes Your Team Unique?

With the exception of two paddlers, no one on our team had ever paddled. We practiced for the first time paddling out to the start line. Even with this challenge we managed to win one race and our times got better by every race (1:25 to 1:14 to 1:12).

8. Lessons Learned from the Competition?

Have fun. I’m a very competitive person but it’s important to enjoy the sport. I hadn’t paddled for 4 years and I forgot how much I missed the sport

9. What Is the Most Rewarding Experience of Participating in the San Diego Dragon Boat Festival?

Seeing my team grow right before my eyes. As I mentioned before, my team had never paddled before. And yet we were very competitive. The time of our last race would have beaten half of the teams at the Festival…very proud moment. Finally, it was incredible to see the selflessness of many of our members. We had about 22 paddlers but people were quick to offer up their seat so their friends could paddle. Very unselfish team.

10. Advice for Future Competitors?

You are only as strong as the weakest person on your boat. Timing is everything and so do all you can to be in sync with everyone on your team, on and off the board to build team chemistry.

Team Musing Dragons

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May Issue of the Korea Daily is Out!

The May issue is now out for everyone to enjoy! This month we feature interviews on young Korean restaurant owners on Convoy, a segment on Asian American and Pacific-Islander Heritage month, Hanja Time, a Soju drama review on “That Winter, the Wind Blows”, an article on making pen pals, and How to Avoid Being Bitten by a Korean Vampire!

Please pick one up at 7750 Dagget St. on the first floor, or in your local restaurants and markets!

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Interviews of: Kimi Evans, Dr. Lily Cheng, Michael Chen, Alexander Nguyen, Lee Ann Kim, Bennett Peji, Dennis-Michael Broussard, Linda Le & Trinh Le

Thank you to all the interviewees!

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 2.06.47 PM

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 2.06.55 PM

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 2.06.38 PM

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 2.07.04 PM

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[May 2013] Interviews with Restaurant Owners

Maru (May 2013)

Sean Kim (May 2013)

Nolbu PoCha (May 2013)

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The April Issue of Korea Daily is now available!!

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March Magazine Now Available

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월간 샌디에이고 3월호

Updates from Korea Daily’s new Korean class
Gary’s Hanja Time
Cheryl’s Drama Fever
A Tribute to Ryu Gwan Soon
Dr Lilly Cheng
SD Police Department Eastern Division Captain Andrew Mills

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February issue now available!


안녕하세요 여러분!

The February issue of the magazine is now available so come by the nearest Korean market to grab your free copy. (:

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The January magazine is now available!!


Hello everyone! Just to let you know the January magazine is now available so stop by your local Korean market for your free copy. This month’s issue includes an article on the Dokdo Island explaining its’ importance to Korea, Korean 101 with, Hanja Time with Gary Routh, an article about UCSD’s Korean American Student Association, and about UCSD’s Korean Culture Night hosted by the KASA.

Enjoy! (: