The Waeguk-Saram’s Guide to Korean Products

  The Asian Market Chronicles Presents: A Waeguk-Saram’s Guide to Korean Products at your local Korean Market —————————————————————————————————————————————- Minute Curry You want great food quick? Impossible, there is no such thing as this you indolent person (that means lazy for those too lazy to pick up a dictionary). But Minute Curry is a decent option… Read More The Waeguk-Saram’s Guide to Korean Products

What To Read: “A year since Gangnam Style, K-Pop keeps getting bigger…”

To keep you updated on the latest stats, here’s a link to a great article posted on YouTube regarding the upward trend in K-Pop views since Psy’s Gangnam Style first hit the online scene. Complete with graphs and charts, the article, written by Kevin Alocca,  includes a Top 10 playlist for your viewing pleasure.