Ivan Li

What’s up! If you don’t know me, my name is Ivan and I’m a pretty big deal (not really). I’m proud to be able to write for KKonnect and Korea Daily. I’ll be writing about many things, some random, some not, but it’ll all be a good read!

I was born in San Diego, California but was raised in Tijuana, Mexico for a few years. I am full Chinese, so it may be weird to hear about me being raised in Tijuana, but it really isn’t. My parents felt that Mexico was a much easier place to start a new life.

My interests are all over the place, when it comes to what my Korean interests are, my biggest interest would be the variety shows that Korea produces. My favorite Korean variety show is “Running Man” which is closely followed by ‘Infinity Challenge”. I am also a fan of k-pop, but I’m more of a fan of Korean rap and hip-hop. Anyways, my interests are all over the place and to list them all, would take forever, so instead, I’m going to keep it nice and simple and end it with, I enjoy pretty much almost everything.

I hope that the stories I write become a source of interest and entertainment. I hope to share with all my readers some of the things that I know of that don’t get much news coverage, to hopefully have you, the readers, become much more knowledgeable about Korea and enjoy and support some of the new things you may have never heard of.

Watch for my next posts! They’re gonna be awesome! (In my opinion)


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