[Meet a KKonnect Buddy] So I’m the Maknae? 내가 막내야? 일라이의 소개글

꼬넥닷넷의 “막내”로 불리는 일라이가 전하는 소개글 입니다! Hello there, or should I say 안넝하세요! My name is Eli, and I’m currently an upcoming senior… in High School.  I’m also turning 17 in August as well… welp. My hobbies consist of, but aren’t limited to: cooking, taking photos, blogging, listening to music, drinking coffee, going to karaoke… Read More [Meet a KKonnect Buddy] So I’m the Maknae? 내가 막내야? 일라이의 소개글

Ivan Li

What’s up! If you don’t know me, my name is Ivan and I’m a pretty big deal (not really). I’m proud to be able to write for KKonnect and Korea Daily. I’ll be writing about many things, some random, some not, but it’ll all be a good read! I was born in San Diego, California… Read More Ivan Li

Meet Mike Avila

Hello kkonnect fans! My name is Mike Avila and I will be doing photography and short photojournalism stories. I have have been interested in Korean culture for a long time, and am very happy to participate in an active way now. I think that it’s very important to support things like Asian films that are… Read More Meet Mike Avila

[Meet a KKonnect Buddy] Diana Le

샌디에고 K-Pop 플래쉬 몹의 멤버이며  15살 ‘춤꾼’인 Diana 가 바라본 한국 아이돌 그룹들의 안무. 그동안 세계 외국인들에게 인기있었던 춤은 무엇이있는지, 최근 K-Pop 유투브 역사를 훓터본다. ‘What Makes K-Pop Choreography Stand Out? A Look at K-Pop’s Various Dances and Its Worldwide Popularity’