Say hello to Ho-Yeon!

Introduce your self.

My name is Hoyeon  Im 18years old in U.S. So Im 16 years old in U.S  My hobby is listening to music,sleeping and playing baseball.

Now I am a little tired.

What do you look forward to during study abroad session? What do you hope to gain out of this experience.

I want a study their culture,language…..etc….

I have a lot of that to write down on here.


Ho-Yeon is a high school student from Korea visiting San Diego. He likes to play the bass guitar.

[Meet a KKonnect Buddy] So I’m the Maknae? 내가 막내야? 일라이의 소개글

꼬넥닷넷의 “막내”로 불리는 일라이가 전하는 소개글 입니다!

Hello there, or should I say 안넝하세요!

My name is Eli, and I’m currently an upcoming senior… in High School.  I’m also turning 17 in August as well… welp.

My hobbies consist of, but aren’t limited to: cooking, taking photos, blogging, listening to music, drinking coffee, going to karaoke rooms (노래방)  with friends, and being absolutely fabulous.  My goal in the future is to travel around the world and teach English, so I’m hoping that everything will work out once college comes around (which isn’t too far off.. uh oh)

My adventures into this delightful world of Asian (pop) culture, began when I was still a little kid.  My parents had me watch anime throughout my childhood, and I can say that I began to fall in love with Korean pop culture after playing one too many video games through middle school.  However, the relationship with K-POP was on and off, until 2009; where everything was wonderful.

Though I’m not as much of a hardcore fan (anymore), a few of my favorites would have to be: Double A, Infinite, T-ARA, and Girl’s Day.   As for K-Indie and Hip hop (oh yes),  my top groups would be: Phantom, Epik High, and Glen Check!

It’s a pleasure to be interning with the Korea Daily, and writing for the KKonnect blog/magazine! Expect to hear about  music, events,  fashion, and food (lots about it too).

And that’s all there is to it~ *w*

Whoa, is this thing on?

Pleased to meet you.  I’m the newest member of kkonnect, Francis.  I was brought onto this team on a whim, prayer, and a couple boxes of choco pies.  I can’t resist those things, they’re so yummy!

Background?  It’s pretty storied.  Fourteen years ago, I was a skinny teenager inspired by Tekken 3 to join a Taekwondo dojang.  Three years afterward, I got my 1st degree Black Belt in Taekwondo.  Oh yes.  If you didn’t know already, Taekwondo is a very kick-oriented martial art from Korea.  You’ll learn more about the art as time goes on.

At around the same time I started taekwondo, I started watching Korean Pop videos on the International Channel.  Groups like the YG family, Fin.K.L., S.E.S., Fly to the Sky, Dj D.O.C., and my personal favorite, Baby VOX, all burrowed their songs deep into my mind.  They’re still there even now.

Right now I keep busy with my comic production group, Team Mixed Nuts.  Our webmangazine is called “Strawberry Scented Burnout” and we cover all sorts of geeky things, and it’ll feature a manga with the same name.  I’ve also got my 2nd degree black belt in taekwondo and picked up some other martial arts along the way.

I’ll be writing about whatever topics Jini throws at me, but you can expect some Taekwondo-centric posts, and MMA entries as well.  I also do Korean restaurant reviews.

Buckle up folks, it’s gonna be a wild ride.


Intro Questionnaire

– please introduce yourself!
My name is Rhema. I currently go to Mesa college focusing on Biology. I am very interested in Korean culture and also Japanese culture. I have been studying the Japanese language for a little over a year now so I can speak, read, and write a little bit. My main korean interest is korean pop music.
– how did you come to interning at Korea Daily? and writing for Kkonnect?
I met Jini at the San Diego Asian Cultural Festival back in May. I was attracted to their booth because I saw a poster of Super Junior (a famous k-pop group) and had to go see what it was about. I bought one of their “super cool” Korean shirts, but had to pay the money back later. Since I got Jini’s phone number as a result, I asked if there was some sort of writing position I could apply for. I thought it would be a fun thing to do and a good learning experience.
– what are your topics of interest?
Korean music and food, mostly. But I’m willing to learn about anything, really!
– when did you first gain interest in the Korean culture?
Back in 2009, I’d say, when I was first introduced to Korean pop music.
– what is one “Korean thing” that you are very into right now?
I’ve been watching lots of Korean dramas lately since they usually star some of my favorite singers/actors.
– do you have any suggestions for what the Korean media industry / entertainment industry should do for fans like you?
I think as long as they keep bringing this cultural media/events here to America, I’m good!
Here’s a picture of me and an awesome picture I took when I was at SMTOWN on May 20th at the Honda Center in Anaheim!

Ivan Li

What’s up! If you don’t know me, my name is Ivan and I’m a pretty big deal (not really). I’m proud to be able to write for KKonnect and Korea Daily. I’ll be writing about many things, some random, some not, but it’ll all be a good read!

I was born in San Diego, California but was raised in Tijuana, Mexico for a few years. I am full Chinese, so it may be weird to hear about me being raised in Tijuana, but it really isn’t. My parents felt that Mexico was a much easier place to start a new life.

My interests are all over the place, when it comes to what my Korean interests are, my biggest interest would be the variety shows that Korea produces. My favorite Korean variety show is “Running Man” which is closely followed by ‘Infinity Challenge”. I am also a fan of k-pop, but I’m more of a fan of Korean rap and hip-hop. Anyways, my interests are all over the place and to list them all, would take forever, so instead, I’m going to keep it nice and simple and end it with, I enjoy pretty much almost everything.

I hope that the stories I write become a source of interest and entertainment. I hope to share with all my readers some of the things that I know of that don’t get much news coverage, to hopefully have you, the readers, become much more knowledgeable about Korea and enjoy and support some of the new things you may have never heard of.

Watch for my next posts! They’re gonna be awesome! (In my opinion)


Meet Clark Rhodes (용기)


Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Clark, or if you are a Korean speaker, call me 용기. It’s a pleasure to be writing for KKonnect and the Korea Daily. I will be doing a lot of random (and hopefully captivating) work. However, my articles will usually focus on Korean counter-culture, philosophy, and here and there I will share some poetry or a short story.

I was born in Tucson, Arizona but have spent about ten years total living in the San Diego area. My mother is from Suwon, South Korea, and my father grew up in Los Angeles, California. Although I am half-Korean, my insight into Korean culture has only recently begun to blossom. I am a vegetarian and I don’t have an ear for K-pop. Given this information I don’t sound very Korean do I? However, my plan is to investigate Korean culture and introduce the quirky, odd-ball stuff you may enjoy but wouldn’t hear about unless you read my articles.

I love 60’s and 70’s music, especially The Beatles and The Beach Boys. I also enjoy collecting vinyl records and writing music on occasion. My favorite Korean food is either sundubu or bibimbap, but honestly, it’s all 맜있어요. I hope that through my writing you readers can gain some insight into Korean culture that you would not normally read about. I also hope to inspire the KKonnect and Korea Daily readers with my poetry and stories.


Clark Rhodes is a Senior at San Diego State University studying Philosophy and Creative Writing. He also serves as an English language tutor at the International Student Center at SDSU.


Meet Mike Avila

Hello kkonnect fans! My name is Mike Avila and I will be doing photography and short photojournalism stories.

I have have been interested in Korean culture for a long time, and am very happy to participate in an active way now. I think that it’s very important to support things like Asian films that are starting to be shown by mainstream cinemas in San Diego. This will build confidence that there is a market for them, and people will see these amazing films that they might never encounter otherwise.

Here are a couple of supporters right here from the opening night of Nameless Gangster at the AMC12 in La Jolla.


[Meet a KKonnect Buddy] Diana Le

샌디에고 K-Pop 플래쉬 몹의 멤버이며  15살 ‘춤꾼’인 Diana 가 바라본 한국 아이돌 그룹들의 안무. 그동안 세계 외국인들에게 인기있었던 춤은 무엇이있는지, 최근 K-Pop 유투브 역사를 훓터본다.
‘What Makes K-Pop Choreography Stand Out?
A Look at K-Pop’s Various Dances and Its Worldwide Popularity’ Continue reading “[Meet a KKonnect Buddy] Diana Le”