Whoa, is this thing on?

Pleased to meet you.  I’m the newest member of kkonnect, Francis.  I was brought onto this team on a whim, prayer, and a couple boxes of choco pies.  I can’t resist those things, they’re so yummy!

Background?  It’s pretty storied.  Fourteen years ago, I was a skinny teenager inspired by Tekken 3 to join a Taekwondo dojang.  Three years afterward, I got my 1st degree Black Belt in Taekwondo.  Oh yes.  If you didn’t know already, Taekwondo is a very kick-oriented martial art from Korea.  You’ll learn more about the art as time goes on.

At around the same time I started taekwondo, I started watching Korean Pop videos on the International Channel.  Groups like the YG family, Fin.K.L., S.E.S., Fly to the Sky, Dj D.O.C., and my personal favorite, Baby VOX, all burrowed their songs deep into my mind.  They’re still there even now.

Right now I keep busy with my comic production group, Team Mixed Nuts.  Our webmangazine is called “Strawberry Scented Burnout” and we cover all sorts of geeky things, and it’ll feature a manga with the same name.  I’ve also got my 2nd degree black belt in taekwondo and picked up some other martial arts along the way.

I’ll be writing about whatever topics Jini throws at me, but you can expect some Taekwondo-centric posts, and MMA entries as well.  I also do Korean restaurant reviews.

Buckle up folks, it’s gonna be a wild ride.


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