An-nyung America!

<<An-nyung America!

Two students from Korea spend their last year at UCSD’s I-House. They share their most memorable moments. 

UCSD의 글로벌빌리지 I-House에서 지난 일년을 보낸 한국 유학생들의 유학후기>>


by Jacklin Lee


There is no doubt that the United States is a melting pot of different people from all over the world. UC San Diego is no exception when it comes to contributing to this giant jigsaw puzzle of different ethnicities and nationalities. It is is home to hundreds of international students every year and most of them reside at I-House: International House. Being an ambassador at the I-House, I was able to meet incoming and outgoing international students from more than thirty countries. Today I share with you an interview with two Yonsei University students who spent the last year at I-House. 


Jacklin: What did you like about San Diego or the United States?

Sunny: I liked a lot of things! People are laid back here – I think people in La Jolla even more so. They like to relax and enjoy their time. In Korea, it is the opposite most of the time. They are constantly preoccupied worrying about money, success, children, and the future. I like how here, parents and adults have their own lives and are not consumed by taking care and babysitting their children twenty-four hours a day. Plus, unlike Korea, people are not constantly rushing each other!

Inae: I don’t think I could ever forget the huge burritos and the delicious baby back ribs. I think these messy finger foods really suited me because I love to get down and simply enjoy food like a child!

J: What would you like to take away from here?

S: I want to tell people in Korea about how much Americans show their respect to soldiers. It really moved me. 

J: Were there any things that you thought Americans could learn from Koreans?

S: I think Koreans know how to complete things more quickly and effectively. It may sometimes be good or bad, but I noticed that there is a lot of waiting here in America. It really tested my patience! Oh, and the public transportation in Korea is undeniably faster and more accessible. Since I lived in Korea for 24 years though, and only am staying for a brief time here in San Diego, I can only say so much! 

(Read the full interview on 


Sunny is a Psychology major student who hopes to retain her surf skills, and Inae is a East Asian Studies major who fell in love with Disneyland. Thank you Sunny and Inae for your feedback and comments! 





다음달 기사를 기대하세요! 재클린의 한국유학일기

Next Month preview: Jacklin is heading to Korea! Find out what students from the US studying abroad in Korea have to say about their experience. What are they looking forward to? What are some of the rumors that they have been told about Korea? Stay tuned to the next month’s issue for stories from Jacklin’s 2012 summer excursion to Korea. 


About writer: Jacklin Lee is a board member of Korean American Literature Club (KALC). It was founded several years ago with the purpose of discussing Korean books and connecting with other Korean events such operas and film festivals. KALC holds regular book meetings and movie nights apart from the special events such as attending film festivals and other Korean cultural events.  



(신실장님: 사진 4개 있죠? 그냥 작게 보이게 해주세요. 얘내들을 구지 하이라이트 할 필요없어요.   그리고 사진의 설명글은:  Sunny and Inae’s travel photos. Can you guess where they are?) 



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