Christine’s Experience of Teaching Abroad in Korea – an Interview


Meet Christine Mendoza!  She has gone abroad to Korea to teach English and she is going back soon! Read how she got started and what the experience is like. 


한국에서 영어선생님일을 한 크리스틴과의 인터뷰! 

– Introduce yourself!

Hi, i’m christine. I graduated from SDSU in 2009 and as of now, i’m planning to get my masters in either psychology or social work. If i’m not working or hanging with my friends, i’m either on my PS3 or on my ukulele.

– Where and when did you teach abroad? with what program?
i was in south korea from Jan 2010 to Feb 2011 with the TaLK Program (Teach and Learn in Korea) 

– how did you choose the program?
well this is a funny story. i was sleeping in east commons at SDSU waiting for my friends. when i woke, i saw i made a drool trail on my daily aztec newspaper. i followed it and saw this advertisement for the TaLK Program. because i was graduating in the winter, and the graduation ceremony is only in the spring, i needed something to do for 6 months, and i thought, why the heck not.

– about how much do people earn average?
this was a part time teaching job and i got 20,000 won per hour


– what was the best and the worst experience of teaching abroad?
the best experience was meeting new people, experiencing a new culture, eating with friends and coworkers, and having your students talk to you and understand you in “konglish”
worst experience is when it’s a hot and humid day and none of the kids would pay attention to you and everything is just lost in translation. FRUSTRATING!!!!

– you are now going back, why?
I miss it. I miss the lights, the food, the jimjilbang, the noraebang, the people, the “ajumma parks” i want to immerse myself in it a while longer if i can, and, well… it’s happening 

– do you recommend this job to others? what sort of people would be best fit for this job?
I most certainly recommend this job to others. you learn from one culture while giving back english confidence to your students and all around you. BUT you have to be committed and give it your all. i’ve experienced and heard about many “bad” teachers that waste the students time and the school’s time by going to school hung over or just streaming english movies with korean subtitles. sure teach them english, make them understand, but also make them want to use it, especially with you!!

– what is your biggest “Korean interest” at the moment?
i would have to say the food. i miss the food carts, i miss the kimchi, and how they deliver food absolutely everywhere. also singing in the noraebang for 3 hours and only spending approx 15 dollars. MAHNI SERVICE JUSEYO kkkk


Check out Christine’s blog that has more on her experience abroad: 

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