Let’s Wine–A review of the Dokdo Wine

<<Let’s Wine–A review of the Dokdo Wine by Toni>>

<샌디에고의 바닷와 요리하기를 좋아하는 평범하지만 와인만큼에서는 민감하다! 귀여운 CPA, 토니씨가 맛본 독도와인>

The aroma of Dokdo Winery’s 2008 Merlot was earthy with an enchanting crispness of espresso that drew me in.  My swirl presented a gorgeous presentation with highlighted edges and a vibrant cranberry glow.  My first sip was delightful.  As typically not gravitating toward Merlot, I had to have another taste quickly.  It possessed just the right amount of acidity to allow for a fine accompaniment with various culinary treats, and, in my case, a wonderful pairing with my Cambozola cheese.  Perhaps the slight zing that was present in the wine pairs nicely with the zing in the cheese, and, I would suspect, also pair nicely with a spicy dish of sorts.  The caramel undertones gently framed the slight black cherry sweetness.  A winner in my book!

Antoinette Majka is a CPA and wine enthusiast living in southern California.  She enjoys exploring many culinary delights as well as delightful beverages throughout the state.

What is Dokdo?

Dokdo is a group of small islets in the East Sea whose sovereignty is disputed between Japan and South Korea. South Korea currently has its Coast Guard stationed there.

Dokdo wine is produced at a winery in Napa Valley and is named ‘799-805‘, the postal code for Dokdo Island. According to Dokdo Wine’s website, the new wine was created to draw people away from the controversial debate over which country (South Korea or Japan) owns the rocky islets, and to bring people back to the original delicacy and beauty of the island itself: “Instead of appreciating the beauty of Dokdo, the world has been too busy fighting over it . . . The island should not be fought over, it should be shared. We were inspired by this ideal while creating the wine. We wanted to create something that represented Dokdo and our passion towards it.”

Dokdo wine is currently sold out but visit their website and be added to the mailing list for updates!




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