[Now Listening] “Hot Boy” by BIGSTAR

Hey guys~! So, bringing you up to date with some recent k-pop here, this is a brand new rookie group called BIGSTAR that just debuted on July 11th with their title track “Hot Boy”! BIGSTAR consists of five members: FeelDog (real name, Gwang Suk, Leader and Rapper, red hair), BaRam (real name, Young Jun, Vocal and Rapper, braided hair), Rae Hwan (Vocal, light brown hair), Sung Hak (Vocal and Rapper, dark brown hair), and Jude (real name, Dong Hyun, Vocal and Maknae/Youngest, platinum blonde hair). These are photos from their first debut stage and receiving cakes from fans. I personally love their song “Hot Boy” as well as the other two songs “Bigstar” and “Baby Girl” from their debut album! Check out their music video for “Hot Boy” and see what you think!

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