MBC Labor Union Strikes End!


So it seems that the MBC Labor union has finally decided to end the 171 day strike they were on. The longest in Korean media history actually.

Anyways, it’s only temporary, if Kim Jae Chul, the current head of MBC, isn’t removed during the August shareholder’s meeting, the labor union will probably go on strike once again.

Back to the good news though, now that the strikes are over, there are many variety shows finally coming back! As you may or may not know, I love Yoo Jae Suk, the dude is awesome, greatest MC ever. With that said, Infinity Challenge is finally coming back this Saturday, August 21st!!!

Some of you may not know what I’m talking about and therefore, not care, but it really is a serious matter. These strikes happen for a reason, and luckily for us, someone has kindly explained it in great detail.

You can find the in-depth explanation here:


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