A KKonnect “Family Outing”: Screw Bar?

스크류바 를 평한다!

It’s Monday here at the Korea Daily office, which marks the weekly meeting for KKonnect writers.

As always, we’re working hard to bring you amazing, new content for each issue of the magazine.  But hey, we get a bit worn out from writing.  It’s yet another hot day, so what better to snack on than some ice cream?  Jini had recommended that we opt for the “Screw Bar”, so of course we shared quite a few laughs over the name.  After prepping ourselves and our money, we set off on an adventure to the local Zion Market to buy the said icy treat.

We hopped in Francis’ car, popped in a Girl’s Generation CD, and began the quest.

It took us a bit of searching to find the “Screw Bar”, and we must have walked up and down the frozen aisle a few times before something finally clicked in my head.  Screw.  The bar should look like a screw.  Instinctively, I picked up the first thing that caught my eye… But it was labeled in Hangul.  Using his Korean language skills, Vong read the characters aloud.  “Seukuru”, or Screw.  $24 dollars down and 5 bags later, we began our adventure back to the office.  The ride back was full of speaking broken Korean phrases and talking about how this outing would be perfect material for a blog post.  We learned a new phrase about eating from Ivan, had Francis describe his desire to learn the Korean language as a intern for the Korea Daily, and the discovery of “Korean Spam” while at the checkout line.

I conducted a mini-interview sort of thing with the other members about their thoughts on the “Screw Bar”, and the majority of us found the name to be a bit… weird.  A “lost in conext” sort of thing.

Jini had stated that she didn’t like it when she was younger, and preferred the milky variety better.  Clark said to that, “It’s because your taste buds had matured, and you are now an adult woman.”  

That’s all I really have for now, but In the end, we had quite a fun time on this “family outing”…



  1. A group of KKonnect Writers search for a $24 screw… (I know there’s a joke somewhere in there…
    I know I enjoy having a screw with the Girls Generation song ”Oh!” blasting on the radio on a hot summer day…

    But seriously, Pangtoa Ice Cream Sandwich is where it’s at.


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