The Chosin Few

샌디에고 “초신 퓨” – 한국전쟁 Chosin battle 에서 싸운 해병대 veteran 모임.

Chartered November 23, 1991 as the North San Diego County Chapter, a non-profit veterans military association recognized by the international association of the CHOSIN FEW to perpetuate the spirit and comradeship of those individuals who fought in the battle of the Chosin Reservoir in North Korea during November and December of 1950.

The next general membership meeting of the MajGen Raymond L. Murray Chapter Of the Chosin Few will be lunch at The Jolly Roger Restaurant at Oceanside Harbor, Friday, July 27. Call the treasurer to make reservations by noon on Wednesday, July 25. Lunch is $15.25 per person.

Please check their newsletter to find out more information about the gather and to read about things like their medal presentation and “45 Rules for Living” right here:

July 2012


  1. Hi

    My father who passed away was at the Chosin w/ I Co 3rd Battalion 1st Marines..He was a Machinegunner and was wounded on 29 Nov. I want to celebrate all of you who fought there and tell you that I will always owe you a tremendous debt.S/Fi Lon Rogers Roebuck,S.C.


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