Kowin Cultural Camp this past weekend!



코윈 샌디에고가 주최한 ‘한국 문화 캠프’  – by Vong P.

The Korean Women’s International Network, or KOWIN, held its first Cultural Camp here in San Diego this past weekend. The camp itself focused on giving kids, especially Korean adoptees, a better sense of their Korean culture, heritage, and identity.

Siblings of Korean adoptees, children of former adoptees, and first-generation Korean Americans and their children were able to learn a lot too.

KOWIN’s cultural camp also welcomed anyone else who wanted to know more about Korean culture. At the camp, the children learned about Korean history, language, art, dance, martial arts, and food! There were even some live performances focused on the pop culture too!

At the end of the day, the kids were given a treat with a live performance and workshop from the San Diego K-pop flash mob. There are pictures

of the workshop below!

Eunice Lee, the coordinator for this event, told me how happy she was about the event.

“We wanted to help adoptees learn about their Korean culture and heritage. I was a bit worried because this was the first time we held a cultural camp. But it turned out great!”

If you’d like more information on the Korean Women’s International Network here in San Diego, check out the link below!


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