Six Years Until PyeongChang Winter Olympics 2018

As I watch a previously recorded version of the closing ceremony to a brilliant London Olympics (much better than the opening ceremony in my opinion), I am reminded that we have six years until South Korea hosts the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang.  One wonders what to anticipate as far as opening ceremonies and mascots for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games…Any thoughts?

Unfortunately we have to say goodbye to London Olympic Mascots Wenlock and Mandeville. They can go back to doing eyedrop commercials and rudely staring at Londoners.



-Fateh K.


PyeongChang 2018’s vision for the 2018 Games is to offer the Olympic Movement and the world of winter sports New Horizons – a legacy of new growth and new potential never seen before. Its Winter Games plan is one of the most compact in Olympic history, it offers a unique stage on which the world’s best athletes can achieve superior performances. With PyeongChang’s strategic position in Asia, and its access to a young and fast growing youth market, the 2018 Olympic Winter Games will no doubt expose new generations of potential athletes to the power of winter sport

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