[Now Listening] “Give Me Your Heart” by ROMEO

Alright guys, it’s about time I introduce to you the song and the man that have captivated my heart in the last few days. His name is ROMEO (also known as Park Jung Min, 박정민, from the kpop group SS501). I personally don’t know much about SS501, but I follow Park Jung Min because he has branched out from the group to promote solo activities. This song marks his official Japanese debut (so yes, this song is in Japanese, and it’s cool because I can partially understand what he’s saying) but I thought I should post it anyways since he’s technically Korean from a kpop group, haha. Anyways, this song and music video are very dark, coming from a title called “Give Me Your Heart” but also has lots of eye candy~ I love it and it’s been on repeat for days, so check out the official Japanese short PV and click on the link after the youtube video to view the full thing! Hope you like it! ^^


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