Park Jong Woo’s Fate Still Undetermined

The 2012 London Olympics may be over, but there is one person still nervously waiting for the results of the IOC, Korean soccer player Park Jong Woo regardless of the fact that Korea won the bronze medal for the first time ever in history this summer. The happening started on August 11 during the game with Japan fighting for the third place. This match caused quite an uproar even before the game for the relationship between Korea and Japan is notorious for being historically and politically rivalrous. Fortunately for the Korean fans, Korea defeated the Japanese team with a score of 2-0. Everyone seemed excited especially the Korean players. It was the first time in history ever winning a medal in the Olympics. In addition, this meant that all 18 players would be awarded an exemption from military service. A couple hours after the game ended, however, there was a huge scandal involving Park Jong Woo and the IOC. Park Jong Woo had expressed his excitement of the victory by holding up a sign reading “Dokdo is Korean Territory.” A picture of Park running around the field right after the game had been submitted to the IOC. The IOC stated that they would undergo investigation on this matter to determine whether Park would be awarded the medal or not for IOC bans all “political” or controversial action. During the medal ceremony, Park could not be seen. The IOC still has not determined whether Park’s medal should be withheld or whether this whole scandal is simply an overreaction. Koreans are expressing their fury for they feel Park did no wrong. What is so wrong about stating that Korean land is Korean land? Koreans are stating for the IOC to claim that the Dokdo issue is even a controversy is an offense, for it is clearly a Korean territory. Some others say that this whole scandal is an overreaction. Meanwhile, although Park will still receive the exemption from military service, he is still waiting for the decision of the IOC.

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