Film Review: “R2B: Return to Base” (starring Rain, Shin Se-kyung) by Mark G.

독립영화감독 마크 가디아의 영화 리뷰:

Today I went to see Rain’s last film before he entered military service RTB: RETURN TO BASE. I saw a mid afternoon showing at AMC Mission Valley in San Diego. Despite the disappointment that me and my younger brother were the only one’s who saw it during that screening we still had a great time. Ever since I saw the action packed trailer a few months ago I’ve been dying to see the film on the big screen. Now that I’ve seen it I can honestly say that it was worth the wait. Despite it’s very cliche story the film is saved by it’s earnest acting performances, flashy production values and impressive aerial combat sequences. RTB is great popcorn entertainment and Rain gives a charmingly goofy, but charismatic performance as a hot shot fighter pilot who slowly learns what duty and friendship really mean. And the supporting cast, which includes Shin Se-kyung and Yoo Jun-sang, put in sincere performances that elevate an other wise by-the-numbers script. There are obvious nods to TOP GUN, but also references to another action film BEHIND ENEMY LINES. Small trivia fact: This is a very loose remake of a 1964 Korean film RED SCARF.

Mark Anthony Gadia is a San Diego filmmaker and co-producer of the upcoming Korean style variety web show “MISSION… COMPLETE!!”

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