R2B: Return To Base (A Film Layperson’s Review)

I’d like to preface this review by saying I do not claim to be a film aficionado or an expert on Korean cinema by any means, I am merely a curious lay-man with $12.00 and two hours of time to spare.

I had the opportunity to watch a private screening of the film. Problem is, it was not a private screening but a public screening where I had the whole theatre to myself and my colleague. This made the experience awkward yet very intimate and whimsical.

R2B excels in showing dramatic aerial sequences which transcend any language barrier, an array of likeable characters, and occasional humorous exchanges between characters. Rain, the protagonist in the movie does a decent job playing the prototypical cool, no-nonsense, charismatic action hero.

Where the movie lacks in is the cliché, predictable, and fragmented storyline and lack of, or even in some cases non-existent, character development leaving the few audience members stoic, confused, un-invested, and unappreciative of whatever the intent of the filmmaker wanted to portray.  In addition, there a multitude of storyline plot holes which in effect patronize the viewer’s intelligence. 

Ultimately,I would encourage fans of Rain to watch this film, for they would be more inclined to appreciate his acting acumen.  The rest of us could possibly enjoy the film for its’ kitsch value. Keeping in mind the negatives, there is again the possibility you will have the whole theatre to yourself  and have  truly remarkable experience.

-Fateh K.

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