Happy 2013!

On behalf of Korea Daily’s “K-Konnect” — the hip & energetic new media group that promotes “all things Korean”, 

I wish you “a new year filled with lots of luck”!  … which is literally the Korean New Year’s greeting: 
“새해 복 많이 받으세요” sae-hae bok mah-nee bah-deu-seh-yo”
Please check out our website for a look at our latest video project with the US Marine veterans of the Korean war 

and “LIKE” our Facebook page for a chance to win a Korean Keyboard sticker (something like this!) 
Continuing into 2013, I hope that all K-Konnect contents will serve as valuable info & insight to you in connecting with the Korean culture, 
and that YOU reader will also connect with us more so we can discover new tidbits and talents to share! 
Sending you warm wishes with a perfect 90’degree angle of the Korean bow, 🙂 
Jini Shim – K-Konnect Representative

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