The Asian Market Chronicles: Prelude

Asian Market Chronicles (2)


The Asian Market Chronicles: Introduction

Pseudo-Sojourning is a term I use for the act of visiting ethnic markets to vicariously fulfill a desire to physically visit a country. It is actually a hobby I and those of us who don’t have the gumption, money or opportunity to travel internationally are quite keen on.

We are quite fortuitous to live in a city like San Diego. Where else in the world can one experience cultures through visiting Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Persian, and Indian Grocery Shopping in the same city let alone the same street?

Each market has its own unique character, peerless products, indigenous melodies serenading customers, vibrant fragrances and a certain je ne sais quoi that adds to their charm.

In this series I shall delve into my favorite experiences in my Pseudo-Sojourns in Korean Markets.

-Fateh K.

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