Topics that we discussed during KKoffeehouse – “North Korea Forum”

On Sunday, April 6th, at the Korea Daily building on 7750 Dagget St.
Suite 208, several members of the K-Konnect and staff of Korea Daily
gathered to discuss the latest issues regarding North Korea. Some of
the topics that were brought up:

North Korea – Confidence?

“Multiple” Cards

Making increasing threats to put themselves on the map

“Poking us with a stick”

North Korea exporting weapons

Causing problems to the USA and allies

Kim Jong Un – Age?


Making his mark

Cat and Mouse


USA sending Military

Strategy (Simulations)

Increasing threats causing some concern

NK targeting USA

NK and the Outside World

New communication outlets

Cellular Networks

SK Dramas

Foreign Radio

NK People creating opinions with links to Foreign Media

Public vs. Private

SK and NK

1960s – NK richer than SK

Downfall with fundings?


“Not backing down” Mentality – USA & NK

Keeping the peace

Are we doing the right thing by “legitimizing” Kim Jong Un?

Giving him attention

NK and China


Are we speaking to both?

Hierarchical Effects in North Korean Politics


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