East Meets West Coast at the Asian Cultural Festival in Point Loma

KKonnect-ers showed their spirit (and trendy style) sporting 멋진 사람 (Super Cool Person) t-shirts and boppin’ to the kpop beat in the Korea Daily/KKonnect booth at this years’ annual Asian Cultural Festival.


jini fatehMay 10, 2013 the place to be was Liberty Station in Point Loma. There was great food, great music, shopping, drums, dancing, dragons, brightly colored costumes, swords and fighting. And, of course, KKonnect was on hand to Konnect the crowd with All Things Korean.

booth funThe booth was crowded most of the day with fair-goers guessing Korean celebrity identities based on only their lips, discovering their personality traits as determined by blood-type, playing Yut-Nori, and the ever-popular “Name that K-Pop Song”. KKonnect staffers were on hand to meet and greet, hand out candy and prizes (there were a few who really knew their lips!) and enjoy the lovely sunny day.

krc3The venue itself, while a bit on the breezy side – it was in Point Loma, you know! –  was perfect for the wandering crowds. Cultural representatives from many Asian countries had colorful booths manned by warm, friendly folk eager to share their country’s attributes. Musicians, drum corps, the requisite (exquisite) dragon dance, martial arts demonstrations, and dance demonstrations (with audience participation) were all part of the day’s activities. Of course there were plenty of dining options: Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, and Korean wrapped in a delicious crepe! Ice cream and shaved ice was available as the day warmed and the obligatory Kettle Corn stand was on hand as well.

dragon drumMarket vendors sold fun Asian toys, trinkets, lovely jewelry, and clothing. Health care experts, media, marketing, and other business segments also came to share their expertise with community.

The KKonnect staff broke down their booth at 5:00pm, tired – a wee bit sunburned – but happy and satisfied with the lovely day spent with friends, old and new. Prizes gone, candy dish long-since empty. Cooler ice melted.

Hey new friends!

  • Don’t forget about Korean Language Meet-Up group Wednesday nights at “E and Drink” in 99 Ranch Market on Clairmont Mesa Blvd. 6:30-8:30pm. Be there. J
  • Pick up San Diego Magazine in front of your favorite Asian market or at the Korea Daily Building 7750 Dagget Street
  • More questions? Trying to figure out how to get involved? Want to Konnect with all things Korean? E-mail the Soju DramaQueen (me) at Cheryl@kkonnect.net

Yutnori sdq mike Jini Cheryl krc3 IMG_5382 krc1 dragon drum crepesdrummerJini Cheryl

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