New trend or is it just those 2PM Boys?

Anybody else noticing a new trend in Korean BoyBand Music videos?


Sexier, darn near soft porn. Watch at your own risk.

Newly released (April 25, 2013) Jay Park’s “Welcome” is far beyond suggestive. Really. Not that I don’t appreciate a little eye-candy, but I find it surprising that this gets past the Korean Good-Taste Censors.

Note the words “Welcome to my bed”. Can he say that?

Somewhat tamer, but still ramping up the heat factor is 2PM with “A.D.T.O.Y.” (All Day I Think Of You) released on their new “Grown” Album. Yup, “Grown up” is one way of putting it….




Soju DramaQueen (fanning herself…)

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