Epik High Set to Take Over North America

Atlanta. Dallas. Chicago. Seattle. San Francisco. Los Angeles. New York City. Toronto. Vancouver.

Fans and sponsors in each of these cities are gearing up for the biggest concert tour by a Korean artist in five years. Beginning next week, venues across North America will host hip-hop trio Epik High on their first tour on this side of the Pacific in six years. Demand for tickets in some cities have created the need for additional performances, and ecstatic fans living in areas that rarely see Korean artists are proving that the hallyu wave continues to sweep the nation.

The group is set to display the diversity of their repertoire like: “Born Hater”, “Don’t Hate Me”, and “Wannabe”. A surprise vocalist may pop up to join in for performances of some of Epik High’s blockbuster collaborations. Korean hip-hop is gaining popularity in the States, yet opportunities for fans to see live shows pales in comparison to those offered up by more mainstream pop groups, who routinely traverse the Pacific to perform for thousands of adoring fans. This might be one of just a few chances for Southern California locals to see such a group over the next few years.

If you haven’t gotten your tickets, they are still available for most shows, you can find concert information here. Look for the concert review appearing in the July issue of Korea Daily San Diego’s community magazine.

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