Event – Hangul Day @ San Diego State University – Wed, Oct 7, 4-7pm

@ Aztec student union, theater 470. Open to public!

샌디에고 주립대학에서 한글날 행사를 엽니다.

(below text from SDSU website: http://asiapacific.sdsu.edu/news_events.html) Hangul (The Korean Alphabet) Celebration in Fall 2015

The Korean Studies Program and the Center for Asian Pacific Studies, College of Arts & Letters, SDSU, will sponsor Hangul contests in Fall 2015, celebrating the exceptional alphabet system created by King Sejong in the 15th century.

Special Lecture by Prof. Hyang-Ok Lim, Professor of Interpretation and Translation, Hankuk Univ. of Foreign Studies, Author of ‘How do you Say it?’ and ‘This is Korea.’
Calligraphy Demonstration by Mrs. Young Mi Park
Essay or Calligraphy Contests in Hangul for students enrolled (fall 2015) in Korean language classes.
A Campus-wide Essay Contest in Hangul.

Awards will be presented end at The Hangul Day Celebration on October 7, 2015 (4-7 pm).

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