Photos – House of Korea & Rock Chef @ Taste of Asia 2015

Please visit Team Sejong FB page for photos from the event!

Who is Rock Chef?

Owner of ‘Rock & Party’, Rock Chef (Korean name: Rahk-hoon KIM) is a culinary art education specialist and a creator of Korean Party Gimbap who is taking over the global culinary scene with his exciting new way of celebrating a well-known everyday Korean dish, gimbap. He has recently toured pubic school districts in the USA to showcase his Party Gimbap and promote awareness of Korean food to American youth. His talent has been recognized at various competitions including the 2012 National Culinary Competition and the 2014 Luxembourg World Culinary World Cup.

What is Gimbap? (kimbap; kim-bahp; 김밥)
Gimbap or Kimbap is a popular Korean dish made from steamed white rice (bap) and various other ingredients, rolled in gim (sheets of dried laver seaweed) and served in bite-size slices. Gimbap is often eaten during picnics or outdoor events, or as a light lunch.
HoK event-Rock Chef flyer-final.pdf

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