A new kind of “Konglish”

I am Gangnamed – 나 차 막혀서 꼼짝 못 해
I Incheon you – 당신을 파산시키겠어
It’s Daegu – 너무 더워

if you understand this, I say you are quite sensible in Korean history and contemporary culture


  1. More expression here.

    I’m Coexed. mean I’m lost.
    I’m Sindorimed. mean I’m caught in the swarm of people.
    I Seoul you. mean Hello I’m your landlord, you rent has gone up.
    I Korea you. mean I will you send you to hell.
    Busan me! Busan me! mean Bus driver in Busan is killing me. Actually the driver is famous for thing that he doesn’t care about his passengers’ safety.


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