2/10/16: (Post!) Lunar New Year Event

KAC-SD’s Post-Lunar New Year Event (cuz we probably won’t get enough of Lunar New Year)

Please RSVP by leaving a reply on this post! (scroll all the way down)

KAC-lunar new year event banner

Hi, Jini here. So 3 years ago, a Lunar New Year gathering was held at the Korea Daily building as a part of “Team Sejong / K-Konnect” event. We haven’t done anything like it in the years that followed, so thought it would be good to rekindle some old memories and make new ones by reviving that tradition! It’ll be like a reunion of the old members but also welcoming new members and anyone who would like to join. Also, this time, the event is held under the name “Korean American Coalition-San Diego” not just because KAC-SD is paying for the beverages and snacks (yay!), but more importantly because we want to promote KAC-SD’s existence in San Diego and grow membership so we can be more active and represent (K-Konnect pretty much = Team Sejong = KAC-SD). Anyone interested in Korean culture and the Korean community of San Diego (you don’t have to be Korean!) please come out and let’s meet!

Event name: “KAC-SD’s (Post) Lunar New Year Gathering”

Date and time: Wed, Feb 10, 2016, 7-9pm

Location: Korea Daily San Diego conference room (7750 Dagget St. Suite 206, San Diego, CA 92111) — behind the mall that has Caffe Bene and Min Sok Chon on Convoy St.

What are we going to be doing? We will provide some Korean beverages and snacks (feel free to pitch in food and drinks!). We will attempt to play Yutnori as a group and Skype our friends in Korea to get a glimpse of Seoul on a weekday 10am hour. We will try to broadcast the event on Periscope so anyone that could not make it can tune in and say hello. All in all, it will just be a few hours of casual gathering where we can share our interests in Korean culture and see what more we can do in collaboration to enjoy and promote Korean culture in San Diego.

Questions? Email Jini: shimjini [at] gmail.com or leave a message on KAC-SD’s Facebook page.

Below is a video of the event from 3 years ago. Hope we can create a similar fun, friendly, and festive vibe!


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