Event Recap of KAC National Convention (1/30/16) by James Pham

So I asked James Pham, one of KAC-SD’s board members, how his trip to the KAC National Convention was like. Here is his account: (thanks, James!)

Recently, I attended the KAC National Conference where Korean Americans from all over the country gathered to inspire, lead and unite together to share their stories, contributions and American success stories to the members and public… This was a very enlightening experience for me to learn from so many successful Korean Americans.

For example, Young Kim, the first Korean American Republican Assemblywoman, gave an inspirational speech about being and doing anything we want, and that no goal no dream is big enough in America and that our moral obligation is to be all that we can be in America for our communities.  Another example was hearing from the two owners and brothers of Seoul Sausages, who won their first Food Truck from the Food Network show and now own 2 trucks and 2 restaurants and how they started at KAC-LA!   There were many more success stories from members of KAC, and my take away is that having a community for Korean Americans like KAC can and does make a big differences for those in this community who may need a role model or two to look towards and that will allow them to volunteer their time to do something good for the greater good of their communities which in turn is the greater good for American In return.  KAC-SD has a lot to live up to the vision and mission of the founders of KAC… This will require effort and commitment but will be exciting, rewarding and ultimately benefit all involve!!

Best, James Pham, Founder/CEO EnlighTea Cafes and current KAC Board Member 2016.


James Pham (left) and Henry Kim, delegates and board members of KAC-San Diego


Young Kim, the first Korean American Republican Assemblywoman



James Pham (center) with founders of Seoul Sausages


IMG_3999 (1)


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