San Diego Korean Community New Briefing – Week of Sun, Jan 15, 2017

Students and volunteers grow up hand in hand

Link: 학생들과 봉사자가 ‘손에 손잡고-Hand in Hand’ 성장해요.

  • The impetus of consistently doing volunteer comes from an honest heart 
  • Club established since 2009
  • Currently recruiting high school students as volunteers for Hand in Hand students

Hand in Hand is a non-profit school established in 2009 for students with developmental disorders to improve social adaptability and gain various experience by interacting with volunteer high school students. This school offers lots of lectures like music, art, dance, Tae-kwon-do along with learning attitudes for daily life, doing performance and having field trips every Saturday from 9 am till 12 pm at Korean United Methodist Church. This school was founded when Byung-dae Kim, who is Korean American Association’s current president, was a president with human rights research center and keenly felt the need for a school in the Korean community that serves students with developmental disorder. Currently, the group is recruiting high school students to volunteer for the program and activities will start on January 21st. 

(Original news from Korea Daily San Diego)


By Haelee Lee

About the reporter: she studies food and nutrition in college in Seoul, Korea, and is currently doing her study abroad in San Diego.



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