Korean movies @ AMC Fashion Valley last week of August: “A Taxi Driver” & “Midnight Runners”

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2017년 8월 마지막 주, 샌디에고 AMC 패션 벨리 영화관에서 상영하는 한국 영화가 두편이나 있습니다! “택시운전사”와 “청년경찰” 입니다.

Looks like “A Taxi Driver” has been extended another week! According to the AMC Fashion Valley website, this movie is scheduled to be screened until at least Wednesday. It is one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year. And I wouldn’t be surprised if it were extended for another week!

Another Korean movie that’s been playing at AMC Fashion Valley since Friday, Aug 25, is “Midnight Runners”. Check out the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJf3lqjosUo

Rotten Tomatoes link to “A Taxi Driver” here:


[Film Screening] “The Sky Blue Symphony” – Fri, Feb 24, 2017 @ UCSD – Center Hall 216

An announcement from the San Diego Korean Pungmul School about a free film screening – hosted by UCSD’s graduate student organization “Mannam” and UCSD’s Kommon Society, with support from student volunteers of San Diego Korean Pungmul School
Film title: The Sky Blue Symphony
Director: Young-Ee Park
Friday, Feb 24, 2017, 6pm
At UC San Diego’s Center Hall room 216
There is no admission fee.
There will be light snacks and beverages.
This film screened at the Asian Film Festival of Dallas in 2016. Here is a link for a brief description and a trailer of the film: http://www.asianfilmdallas.com/sky-blue-symphony/
다큐 영화 <하늘색 심포니> 소개해 올립니다.
감독: 박영이
<샌디에고 상영 & 감독과의 대화>

*언제-2월 24일, 금요일, 오후 6시!  

*장소- UCSD CENTR 216(Center Hall 2층)
*상영장소와 가까운 파킹랏 – Gilman Parking Structure, UCSD – closest parking to the Center Hall 
*UCSD 대학원생모임 ‘만남’ (노승명회장)과 
*UCSD 학부생모임 ‘Kommon Society'(양윤정회장)가 공동 주관하고,
샌디에고 풍물학교 중.고등학교 학생들이 
자원(&재능)봉사자로 참여하여 함께 준비한 영화상영 행사입니다.
*입장료없으며, 간단한 스낵(떡, 쿠키 & 음료) 준비 예정입니다.
주변에 널리 알려주시고, 가족과 함께…, 이웃들과 함께…,
많이 참여해주시길 부탁드립니다.
중앙일보 기사

영화 줄거리
영화는 일본에서 나고 자란 조선학교 학생들이 북한을 방문하는 여정을 함께 한다. 2주일 간 북한에 체류하면서 아이들은 ‘조국’에서 만난 사람들과 얘기도 나누고 함께 노래도 부른다. 분단의 상징인 판문점에서 고향땅인 남쪽(한국)을 바라보며 아직도 전쟁중이라는 비극을 실감하기도 한다. 이국에서 태어난 아이들에게 있어서 조국이란 무엇인가? [제 8회 DMZ국제다큐영화제]
유투브 예고편 – Trailer on YouTube 
이주민영화제 페이스북 링크

[Korean Movie in SD] “Tunnel 터널” Opens in AMC Fashion Valley on Fri, Aug 26


하정우 주연의 한국영화 ‘터널’, 8월 26일 금요일 샌디에이고 AMC 패션밸리 영화관에서 개봉합니다.

Just a week after the film “Operation Chromite” opened screenings in San Diego, another Korean film will be released for the San Diego audiences, but this time at the AMC Fashion Valley on Friday, August 26. This is according to the San Diego Korean Community site, SDSARAM.com. As of today, AMC Fashion Valley’s website does not show “Tunnel” listed on its Friday showtime schedule, but I’m hoping SDSARAM is accurate in its reporting and that we will be able to watch this film starting Friday!

According to YouTube channel “Drama Movie Fun”, ‘Tunnel’ is based on the novel with the same time by author So Jae-won. It is about a man, who is trapped in a tunnel and tries to get out of it. Ha Jeong-woo will play the protagonist, who is trapped in a tunnel due to careless construction. It received great reviews from Korean critics and a critic from the Variety seems to be quite impressed with it as well.

Trailer with English subtitles:
Here’s a review of the film by Variety:
And here is a link to AMC Fashion Valley website:

Korean Movie in San Diego: “귀향” / “Spirits’ Homecoming” at AMC Fashion Valley


*An update from Mon, Mar 28, 2016: 영화 상영이 3/30 수요일까지 연장되었습니다! The theater has extended the screening of Spirits’ Homecoming to Wednesday, Mar 30! According to its website, the film will play until this Wednesday, as its showtimes are marked as follows:

  1. 10:35AM
  2. 1:35PM
  3. 4:30PM
  4. 7:25PM
  5. 10:20PM

But be sure to check the website in case of time change: https://www.amctheatres.com/movie-theatres/san-diego/amc-fashion-valley-18


Original article:

A Korean movie titled “Spirits’ Homecoming” (Korean title “귀향”) will be playing at the AMC Fashion Valley from Friday, Mar 25 through Sun, Mar 27. There is a chance that if this weekend’s box office sales are satisfactory, the theater will extend the screening dates!

You can see screening times here: https://www.amctheatres.com/movie-theatres/san-diego/amc-fashion-valley-18

한국영화 “귀향”이 3월 25일 금요일부터 3월 27일 일요일까지 AMC 패션밸리 영화관에서 상영됩니다. 자세한 상영 시간은 https://www.amctheatres.com/movie-theatres/san-diego/amc-fashion-valley-18 웹사이트를 참고하시기 바랍니다.

Synopsis from Hancinema.net: Jeong-min, Yeong-hee and other girls similar to their young age are forcefully dragged to a service club by the Mokdan River and raped by Japanese soldiers. By the end of the war, Yeong-hee survives by herself and becomes an old lady. Through a sixteen year old exorcist who has a past like her, they both gather the souls of poor comfort girls who died on foreign land.

Fri, Mar 11 ~ 16: Korean Film in San Diego: A Violent Prosecutor 검사외전


Now Playing at AMC La Jolla! Definitely will run until Wednesday, Mar 16, but if weekend box office ratings are satisfactory, then theater will  most likely extend screening dates!

황정민 . 강동원 주연 영화 “검사외전” 3월 16일까지 AMC La Jolla에서 상영!

Synopsis from AMC La Jolla website:

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Korean documentary at the Digital Gym “Songs from the North”

A message from the Media Arts Center SD– hosting a Korean documentary later this month!

Korean documentary "Songs from the North" <북녘에서 온 노래>

Digital Gym Cinema Showtimes:

Friday, November 27: 4:00

Saturday, November 28: 2:00

Sunday, November 29: 8:30

Monday, November 30: 4:00

Tuesday, December 1: 6:00

Wednesday, December 2: 5:00

Thursday, December 3: 3:00

For more information please visit http://digitalgym.org/songs_from_the_north/

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San Diego Asian Film Festival

Let’s go watch Korean movies @ the SD Asian Film Festival!

A comedy film "Seoul Searching" by a Korean American director on Sun, Nov 8th 6pm @ Mission Valley Ultrastar Cinemas. http://festival.sdaff.org/2015/films/seoul-searching/


Wanna watch a Korean movie? "The Royal Tailor" (Korean title: 상의원) on Mon, Nov 9th. The director Lee Won-suk is flying all the way here from Korea!
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K-Movie “Veteran” now playing @ Fashion Valley AMC San Diego

베테랑 – 샌디에고에서 상영중!
Korean action film “Veteran” is now playing at the Fashion Valley AMC in San Diego
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K-Movie In Irvine– 3 Korean films playing simultaneously– theater near UCI

Dang– can you believe it? Irvine’s Edwards University Town Center 6 will be playing 3 Korean films simultaneously until next Thursday for sure! “Beauty Inside”, “Assassination”, and “Veteran”. It’s as if I’m back in Seoul.

Here’s the website: