[Meet a KKonnect Buddy] Diana Le

샌디에고 K-Pop 플래쉬 몹의 멤버이며  15살 ‘춤꾼’인 Diana 가 바라본 한국 아이돌 그룹들의 안무. 그동안 세계 외국인들에게 인기있었던 춤은 무엇이있는지, 최근 K-Pop 유투브 역사를 훓터본다.
‘What Makes K-Pop Choreography Stand Out?
A Look at K-Pop’s Various Dances and Its Worldwide Popularity’
One aspect of K-Pop worthy of being noted are the dances of the Korean bands. Most Korean pop songs released nowadays have a signature dance for that specific song. Most popular dances world-wide are simple ones like “Gee” by  SNSD, with cutesy gestures and sliding, and “Abracadabra” by Brown Eyed Girls, with their very simple yet addicting hip sways. Since most songs have dances for them already, fans make covers of these dances and post them all over the internet. Dancing is thus a big part of the entertainment industry in Korea, where unlike in America, is not required or necessary to be a good dancer and also be able to sing.
As a dancer, I believe that SHINee, Miss A, and Beast have some of the challenging yet unique dances that expresses their great dancing skills. The boy band, SHINee, is well-known for their very fast-paced and challenging dance moves. Their recent hit “Lucifer” incorporates various tutting and full-body moves. Videos all over the internet show fans tackling this fun and challenging dance. Another boy band called Beast, also has some fast-paced moves. Their dances are unique because they usually incorporate moves that correspond to their song names and themes. Like in their song “Breathe”, they have a dance that exaggerates their inhale and exhale breathing. My personal favorite girl group on the other hand, Miss A, have dances that show their bold attitude. Their debut song, “Bad Girl Good Girl” has a very strong and sassy feel to it. It also expresses their dancing skills and indeed impressed everyone with their very first debut song, unseen in many girl groups.
Many band groups in Korea have a certain standout star dancer that is deemed to be the best dancer out of their group. Super Junior’s Eunhyuk is renowned as a dancing machine, and proves his title in various dance battles for specials on music programs. 4minute’s Hyuna is very well-known for her sassy, powerful, and bold dancing. Her recent solo song “Bubble Pop” has widespread throughout the whole world, and has gained millions of views on the internet, with her signature butt-shaking dance. This comes to show that with Korean artists’ abilities to sing and dance, the full performance pays off and  sweeps the world with their catchy music and dances.
About Diana Le:
이젠 왠만한 사람들은 다 아는 샌디에고 케이팝 플래쉬 맙의 ‘막내’라고 불리는 15세 여학생. 유투브를 통해 한국 아이돌 그룹의 춤 따라하기를 좋아하며 이제 모르는 안무가 없을 정도로 열정이 대단한 아이! “야외에서 한국음악 틀어놓고 춤추는 애들을 보시면 인사하세요! 분명히 저희 그룹일거에요-” 라고 해맑에 웃으며 말한다.

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