Meet Clark Rhodes (용기)


Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Clark, or if you are a Korean speaker, call me 용기. It’s a pleasure to be writing for KKonnect and the Korea Daily. I will be doing a lot of random (and hopefully captivating) work. However, my articles will usually focus on Korean counter-culture, philosophy, and here and there I will share some poetry or a short story.

I was born in Tucson, Arizona but have spent about ten years total living in the San Diego area. My mother is from Suwon, South Korea, and my father grew up in Los Angeles, California. Although I am half-Korean, my insight into Korean culture has only recently begun to blossom. I am a vegetarian and I don’t have an ear for K-pop. Given this information I don’t sound very Korean do I? However, my plan is to investigate Korean culture and introduce the quirky, odd-ball stuff you may enjoy but wouldn’t hear about unless you read my articles.

I love 60’s and 70’s music, especially The Beatles and The Beach Boys. I also enjoy collecting vinyl records and writing music on occasion. My favorite Korean food is either sundubu or bibimbap, but honestly, it’s all 맜있어요. I hope that through my writing you readers can gain some insight into Korean culture that you would not normally read about. I also hope to inspire the KKonnect and Korea Daily readers with my poetry and stories.


Clark Rhodes is a Senior at San Diego State University studying Philosophy and Creative Writing. He also serves as an English language tutor at the International Student Center at SDSU.


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