[Meet a KKonnect Buddy] So I’m the Maknae? 내가 막내야? 일라이의 소개글

꼬넥닷넷의 “막내”로 불리는 일라이가 전하는 소개글 입니다!

Hello there, or should I say 안넝하세요!

My name is Eli, and I’m currently an upcoming senior… in High School.  I’m also turning 17 in August as well… welp.

My hobbies consist of, but aren’t limited to: cooking, taking photos, blogging, listening to music, drinking coffee, going to karaoke rooms (노래방)  with friends, and being absolutely fabulous.  My goal in the future is to travel around the world and teach English, so I’m hoping that everything will work out once college comes around (which isn’t too far off.. uh oh)

My adventures into this delightful world of Asian (pop) culture, began when I was still a little kid.  My parents had me watch anime throughout my childhood, and I can say that I began to fall in love with Korean pop culture after playing one too many video games through middle school.  However, the relationship with K-POP was on and off, until 2009; where everything was wonderful.

Though I’m not as much of a hardcore fan (anymore), a few of my favorites would have to be: Double A, Infinite, T-ARA, and Girl’s Day.   As for K-Indie and Hip hop (oh yes),  my top groups would be: Phantom, Epik High, and Glen Check!

It’s a pleasure to be interning with the Korea Daily, and writing for the KKonnect blog/magazine! Expect to hear about  music, events,  fashion, and food (lots about it too).

And that’s all there is to it~ *w*

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