The Power of the KKonnect Effect


The Power of the Press: Enter the KKonnect Effect [The Asian Market Chronicles

I had the opportunity of visiting H-Mart today, bought some soy milk, did a little grooving to Korean Music in between the isles, mooched on some samples of Curry, Calpico Drink, Chilean Sea Bass, and Dumplings; a lazy-man’s dinner.

Can you point out what is unusual about the above sentence?

If you recall, earlier this year I gave my priceless (literally free) opinions on the five reasons “Why I Love and Despise H-Mart” as part of the surprisingly surviving “Asian Market Chronicles” series in the Korea Daily Magazine.

In it I mention how I deplored the use of  Ryan Seacrest’s Top 40 Pop Music to be used on the public in Grocery Stores, let alone in a Korean Supermarket. How songs about glamorizing getting money, drugs, sex, and more money or how Bruno Mars is “Locked out of Heaven” were not the most appropriate music for families to purchase food to.  In addition to pointing out that the other H-Mart locations played Korean Music for a Korean-owned Grocery Store.

Guess What?

H-Mart-Mira Mesa has started to play Korean Music in their stores.

Are these series of events random? Perhaps… However because this is my article I’ll make my own claim. This is an example of the power of the KKonnect Effect!

So shoppers, you will now be immersed in Korean Culture through Food, Products and Music at H-Mart-Mira Mesa. Finally, the quasi-cultural experience is now complete!

You’re welcome 🙂

Now we wait until the Korean Pop songs “Bubble Pop” or “ Pandora” play and I become vexed once again.


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