Last Chance to see “Let Me Out!”: Screening to be cancelled if more tickets are not reserved!

LET ME OUT US Poster 1Only a few hours remain to secure our screening of “Let Me Out”, the Korean comedy starring  Kwon Hyun-Sang (THE KING 2 HEARTS and QUEEN OF AMBITION) and K-pop star, PARK HEE-VON from SM Entertainment’s girl band, MILK and star of (GRAND PRIX, READ MY LIPS, FAMILY and GOD’S QUIZ SEASON 3). The film is written, directed and produced by Korean Americans,  Jae Soh and Chang Rae Kim.

To secure this screening in San Diego for Wednesday, September 25 at 7:00pm, please go to:

I hate to see the message sent to the Korean film industry that San Diego is not the right place to show Korean movies. Show your support for Korean cinema!

Happy Movie Watching!

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