Tune-in: K-pop Fanatics from Across US on New Series – #mykpop

mnet casting
Photo courtesy MNet

Mnet America, the only national, English-language lifestyle network in the U.S. for fans of Asian pop culture, premieres its newest reality series #mykpop on TuesdaySeptember 24 at 7:30pm ET/PT. This series showcases the K-pop wave that is spreading worldwide by documenting the lives of nine of the biggest K-pop fans in America as they make the trip to the largest K-pop fan convention in North America – KCON 2013.  At first glance they all might seem very different, but they have one thing in coming – A deep passion for K-pop.

Peer behind the doors of a fast growing niche community and answer questions like: What does a K-pop fan look like? How much do these fans love K-pop? How does K-pop influence their daily lives? What happens when you bring K-pop’s biggest superfans together?

KCON 2013 took place August 24- 25, 2013 at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena.

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