Intro Questionnaire

– please introduce yourself!
My name is Rhema. I currently go to Mesa college focusing on Biology. I am very interested in Korean culture and also Japanese culture. I have been studying the Japanese language for a little over a year now so I can speak, read, and write a little bit. My main korean interest is korean pop music.
– how did you come to interning at Korea Daily? and writing for Kkonnect?
I met Jini at the San Diego Asian Cultural Festival back in May. I was attracted to their booth because I saw a poster of Super Junior (a famous k-pop group) and had to go see what it was about. I bought one of their “super cool” Korean shirts, but had to pay the money back later. Since I got Jini’s phone number as a result, I asked if there was some sort of writing position I could apply for. I thought it would be a fun thing to do and a good learning experience.
– what are your topics of interest?
Korean music and food, mostly. But I’m willing to learn about anything, really!
– when did you first gain interest in the Korean culture?
Back in 2009, I’d say, when I was first introduced to Korean pop music.
– what is one “Korean thing” that you are very into right now?
I’ve been watching lots of Korean dramas lately since they usually star some of my favorite singers/actors.
– do you have any suggestions for what the Korean media industry / entertainment industry should do for fans like you?
I think as long as they keep bringing this cultural media/events here to America, I’m good!
Here’s a picture of me and an awesome picture I took when I was at SMTOWN on May 20th at the Honda Center in Anaheim!

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