Korean Organizations

Jini here! I often hear that although Census says about 25,000, the number of ethnically Korean residents in San Diego is probably closer to 40,000. There are 2 major newspapers (Korea Daily, Korea Times), 2 free monthly magazines (Korea Daily’s San Diego Monthly, Hanin News), a radio station (San Diego Radio Korea — broadcasting on SCA Subcarrier), and lots of Christian churches (on my to-do list is to tally em up!). There are a variety of groups and non-profit organizations that come together not only because of their ethnic ties but to promote and experience Korean culture. Here is a working list of Korean / Korean-American / and Korean culture-related organizations in San Diego (remember, this is just based on my knowledge. I’m sure I’m missing a lot of orgs here. I will do my best to turn this into a complete list in the near future!)


San Diego Korean Association

San Diego Korean Chamber of Commerce

Korean American Senior Association

Korean Women’s International Network

Korea Boy Scouts

San Diego Korean Parents Association

SDSaram.com (like a Korean Craigslist website)


Culture and entertainment:

House of Korea

San Diego Pungmul School

San Diego Korean Language Exchange

San Diego Kpop Flash Mob


School affiliated:

SDSU Korean Student Association




San Diego Korean Catholic Podcast 



Chosin Few (A Korean war veteran group)