Article Submission for Team Sejong

Screenshot 2015-11-02 15.27.17

Team Sejong members publish articles on the San Diego Korea Daily magazine every month. Would you like to join us by publishing your own writing?

If yes, please read on below for details about what you need to do. Deadline for articles are the 15th of every month to be published in the following month’s issue. Anyone can write as long as the topic is related to “Korea” or “Korean America”.

These monthly magazines are available for free of cost at magazine stands in front of major Korean markets (Zion Market, H-Mart) and restaurants (Daejanggeum, Korea House, Josun, etc) in San Diego. New magazine issues are usually placed on the magazine stands by the start of the 2nd week of each month.

Questions? Please contact Jini at teamsejongSD [at]



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