San Diego Korean American Community 2.2012


Town news!

– “Korean Parent-Teacher Organization” officially started in San Diego 9th January. Sharing knowledge, helping, and caring with each other, they want to spread this organization in San Diego.

– The 24th chairman of San Diego Korean Community will continue his work in this year.

– The first San Diego “Hand in Hand” Concert was held.  “Hand in Hand” is made up of disabled people and volunteers.  It’s not a big and fancy concert though they always enjoy themselves with full of happiness.

– The president of US San Diego Taekwondo, Baek Hwang Ki, has signed a business agreement with Korean national institute, MOU.

– 1月9日在圣迭戈 开了第一次韩国家长会议。 通过着次家长会议他们希望分享知识,互相帮助而想宣传圣迭戈家长会议。

– 第24次圣迭戈韩国会会长将会继续负责2012年的工作。

– 今年第一次开了圣迭戈“Hand in Hand”音乐会。“Hand in Hand”是构成与残疾人和志愿者的社团。这次音乐会开的不是很大,可是为了这次音乐会他们下了很多功夫。

– 圣迭戈跆拳道会长正式签订与韩国跆拳道国家集团。

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