[Event] Film Screening: “Autistically Speaking” + more

From a local filmmaker, Anthony Pang 샌디에고 로컬 영화감독 앤서니 팽이 제작한 자폐아 어린이들을 위한 단편 영화. SDSU 에서 상영합니다.

Hi friends and colleagues,

My thesis film, Autistically Speaking, no. 1, is playing at SDSU’s Hearts Like Ours film event April 23rd @ 7pm. It will be screening along with fellow-SDSU colleagues Stephen Crutchfield’s Abuelo and Iris Caffin’sStrong Soul’s, Gentle Spirits, both which also have autism-related themes. This evening is not only to screen these wonderful films and bring them exposure, but also it will be benefiting Autism Society Summer Camps and Sierra Film Academy.

I’ve attached the official SDSU press release and also the official event poster. If you know anyone who might have an interest in autism, please forward this information to them. For more information, they may contact me directly at this address. For more information about my film, please see:http://autisticallyspeaking.wordpress.com.

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