An interview with Albert Park– from “John Doe the Musical “

“Five personalities find themselves in a hospital waiting room.  Each of them, a part of the fractured psyche of JOHN DOE, a mystery patient suffering from a traumatic brain injury that has fractured his mind and cut off his ability to communicate. As each fragment attempts to unravel their true identity, JOHN DOE’s will to live is challenged as memories of his life and the mystery behind his near death are revealed.  Only through their shared will, can JOHN DOE take back his identity, his life and bring his assailant to justice!”

Interview with actor Albert Park:

Q. Was it your first time in a musical? if yes, was it a challenge to do singing?
A. This is my fourth musical. Most recently, before John Doe, I had the pleasure of performing in Asian Story Theater’s original production of The Musical Paul Gauguin, and SDAART’s production of Flower Drum Song. I am not classically trained, but I do enjoy singing in the shower. I would self-identify as an actor who can sing, and not the other way around.

Q. And how did you get cast for this?
A. I immediately became intrigued once I read the show’s premise. And when I saw that people who I’ve enjoyed working with before were involved, Andy Lowe, Michael Schwartz, Courtney Corey, and Deborah Climo, I didn’t need further convincing.

Q. Since this is a local production, did the producers by chance already have you in mind when writing the story? or did you have to go through auditions and everything?
A. Writer, composer, producer, Robert Moutal, along with the entire creative team, saw me and the other performers throughout the audition process. We got to see firsthand Robert and the director build the cast from the ground up, as they auditioned us by groups. Many of the performers you see up on stage were in the audition room with me. It was an exciting process, to be sure.

Q. And what’s next for you? Anything you already have lined up?
A. I’m happy to say that in June 2013 I’ll be in Extraordinary Chambers at Mo’olelo Performing Arts Company. This will be my second play with the company after David Henry Hwang’s Yellow Face in 2010, where I worked with director Seema Sueko and actor Greg Watanabe. I am thrilled and honored to be working with them again in this play.

Playing at the Lyceum Theater in Horton Plaza, this musical comedy is showing until November 25th. For tickets, call (619) 544-1000 or visit their website at

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