I found my Seoul in Osaka (Japan’s Koreatown: A Picture Retrospective)

I have returned from my adventure to Japan; a land of limitless beauty, wonder and whimsy.  Below is just a snapshot of one of the many curious areas of Japan I had the opportunity of discovering. Welcome to the Miyuki-Dori Shopping Street in Osaka, Japan aka Koreatown. This three-hundred meter long street features hundreds of Korean Clothing Stores, Restaurants, Push-Carts and Music Stores.

One of many vibrant and fragrant Kimchi stalls in Osaka’s Koreatown.

Of course, no Koreatown is complete without a plethora of KPop establishments. KPop is quite popular throughout Japan among young and old, KPop music videos are often displayed prominently on big screens in Namba Osaka.

For your viewing enjoyment, a very rich, sexy and luxurious bowl of Pot Bing Su (Korean Shaved Ice Dessert). My money paid for the first scoop of ice cream, and a simple “Annyonghaseyo” and charming smile to the store owner financed the second scoop.  (In front: Ice Cream, Red Beans, Corn Flakes Not Pictured: Shaved Ice, Pineapple, Kiwis, Cherries, and Banana)

Two Tourists attempting to embody the phrase “Mut Jin Saram”, and one dorky tourist (with white socks fashionably showing) actually wearing it. Many Koreans make a sojourn to the very thriving and electric Osaka for its decadent cuisine, intense nightlife and copious shopping. In a city where you depend on a Japanese phrasebook for communication (You can only say “McDonalds wa doko desu ka?” so many times in a single discussion without appearing like an ignorant foreigner) having normal conversations with English-speaking Korean Tourists is quite  refreshing. (Not Pictured: The Korean Tourist’s Female Companion rolling her eyes)


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