Korea Goes Loco for the Taco Bell Bulgogi Combo

Bulgogi Combo

Introducing the Infamous Taco Bell Bulgogi Combo in Korea.  This meal features a Fiesta Bulgogi Taco, Grilled Bulgogi Burrito and Soft Drink.  The Fiesta Bulgogi Taco contains lettuce and fiesta salsa (what makes this “party salsa” I’m not too sure of ), and the Grilled Bulgogi Burrito appears to have shredded melty cheese, and fiesta salsa both of which containing what appears to be the most photogenic beef advertising can pay for.

This KKonnecter hopes this is better than the “Loaded Potato Griller” Taco Bell rolled out a few weeks ago  (A pocket full of liquid cheese and cream cheese, and a few potatoes is not “Living Mas”…Unless Mas means “Mas Health Problems”…. Stick to the Bean Burrito Fresco)

-Fateh K.

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